Jail Mobile Notary Services

Jail mobile notary services, also known as mobile notary services for incarcerated individuals, are specialized notary services that cater to individuals who are currently in jail or prison. These services are designed to provide notarial acts to incarcerated individuals who require legal documents to be notarized.

Here’s how jail mobile notary services typically work


The incarcerated individual or their legal representative contacts a jail mobile notary service and schedules an appointment. The service provider will need details such as the individual’s name, inmate number, and the correctional facility where they are located.


The notary service provider verifies the appointment and gathers necessary information about the documents to be notarized. They may also ask for identification details of the incarcerated individual.

Visit to the Correctional Facility

On the scheduled date and time, the mobile notary travels to the correctional facility where the individual is incarcerated. They follow the necessary security procedures and enter the facility.

Notarial Act

The mobile notary meets with the incarcerated individual in a designated area, such as a visitation room or a specific area within the facility. The notary then verifies the identity of the individual and proceeds with the notarial act, which may involve witnessing signatures, administering oaths, or certifying copies of documents.


The mobile notary completes the necessary notarial certificate and signs and seals the document(s) as required by law. They may also keep a record of the transaction and any relevant details.

Return of Documents

After completing the notarial act, the mobile notary returns the documents to the appropriate parties, ensuring they reach the intended recipients.

It’s important to note that the availability and regulations surrounding jail mobile notary services can vary depending on the correctional facility, local laws, and the policies in place. Therefore, it’s advisable to contact a reputable mobile notary service provider specializing in jail or prison services to understand the specific requirements and procedures applicable to your situation.